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10 Things People Won’t Tell You About Your Website

My absolute most favorite thing to do after meeting someone both online and offline is visit their website. Many times I like what I see…both in design and messaging. But there are times when I visit a website and I think, I wish I could say something to the business owner about their website but I can’t because it won’t be positive feedback. This got me thinking about the things people would more than likely not tell you about your website.

Here are my top 10 things people won’t tell you about your website:

  1. Your website looks home-made.
  2. Your website does not speak to your market
  3. Your website has many spelling and grammatical errors
  4. Many links on your website aren’t working
  5. The images on your website are not of great quality
  6. Your website is difficult to navigate
  7. Your website does not have any “call to action”
  8. Your free gift is not set up correctly
  9. Your website is too cluttered
  10. You should take down empty pages

The reason why people won’t say anything is because you haven’t asked them to. It’s so much easier to give positive feedback than negative feedback especially when your opinion has not been solicited.

You might almost have a panic attack when you ask for feedback about your website/business from someone that you value their opinion and know that they would give you honest feedback. But ask all the same.

A while ago, someone mentioned that I had a stock photo on my site that had a watermark on it. I was so glad that she said this because I had asked for feedback. The watermarked photo on my site had been on my home page for almost a year and I’d missed it! We had put some text over the photo instead of the purchased version, so you could easily miss seeing the watermark if you didn’t look at it long enough and I saw the photo almost everyday! This is one of the reasons why you should ask more than a few people to review your website because everyone sees some different.

You have my permission to review my website but please be kind in your feedback delivery. I would rather have feedback that would be helpful than bury my head in the sand. We should use feedback as opportunity to correct errors, enhance our brands and grow our businesses.

Also don’t hesitate to ask me for feedback about your business website…I would be kind in delivering my constructive criticism and better yet, positive feedback if that is the case – won’t you love that!  I won’t just be giving  feedback but would also work with you in fixing the problem areas…only if you Ask.

Contact me for your complimentary website review and don’t hesitate to schedule a Branding and Marketing Discovery Session for your business.

Also don’t hesitate to download my free gift to you, a blueprint/guide Is Your Website Holding You Back? 7 Easy Ways to Attract and Retain Customers on Your Website. This guide is jam packed with valuable information that you can use immediately to enhance your website and business.

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