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10 Tips for Effective Church Websites


It is absolutely necessary for your church to have a mobile-friendly website. The purpose of your church website is to provide information. If essential content does not exist or is hard to find, your church website is failing you.


Here are 10 tips + 2 Bonus tips that list critical content that church websites often miss:

  1. A good church site must communicate with three very different target groups:
    1. Their Church members
    2. Christians who are not members
    3. Non-Christians in the community
  2. Consider the needs and viewpoints of non-Christians: We cannot reach those we do not understand without learning the surrounding culture. Although we can be immersed in our own culture, we tend to not understand it or the needs and pressures that some non-Christians in our society face.
  3. All links, page titles, and sub-headings should sound enticing: The use of query marks can make subheadings or text links sound a bit more interesting. “What happens at church” rather than “At Church”.
  4. If testimonies are used, they should be completely free of religious jargon, exaggeration and sentimentality: Non-Christians can see through religious veneers very easy. “Everything in my life is permanently wonderful” does not ring so true.
  5. Consider a ‘New to this site?’ visitors link on your homepage: This enables you to offer a particular welcome to an outsider. A visitor page should be very welcoming and written in plain language to be user friendly to a non-Christian.
  6. Your church site will be the first point of contact for many people in your community: First impressions count! It should be as professional and attractive as your outside sign or newsletter.
  7. Never use an introductory ‘splash page’: This is an introductory page that includes nothing but a graphic and a link to click here to enter. Many visitors will leave the site rather than take the time to click through.
  8. Every page should display the same overall appearance, with the same navigation options in the same place: A navigation menu should appear on all pages so that the visitor does not have to go back to the home page to continue you viewing your site.
  9. Consider a ‘liquid’ page design: The content should flow naturally and fit together, at any screen resolution or device.
  10. Don’t leave out-of-date content online: A few things rob a site of credibility more than this.


  1. Use several people to proof-read for typos and poor grammar: Common mistakes also rob a site of credibility in the eyes of many people. Be sure to print it out and proof read.
  2. Take time to assess your target audience, their interests, needs and circumstances: Understanding your audience is essential to any form of communication.

Incorporating these simple improvements will continue to build momentum and can turn a boring and average church website into a church website that will become a great information resource for the people of your congregation.

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