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4 Tips to Integrate Social Media and Your Website

Social Media

Websites and Social Media go hand-in-hand, as part of your advertising, market positioning and promotional efforts, as your presence is scattered across the web. To ensure success, businesses must strategically integrate social media with their websites to engage users, reach a wider audience, and increase interaction with their businesses.


Below are some tips on how to incorporate social networking into a business website:

Social Media Buttons: Makes your business site social friendly. These are icons of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. A great tip is to create the buttons to open in a new window so users don’t exit your website.

Social Share Buttons: These buttons allow web visitors to stay on your site and easily share your products, services or valuable content with others with just a click of a button. The key is to make your content easy to share and very simple to do.

Social Commenting: This gives your users a chance to pass on an opinion or give quick feedback in the form of a comment below your website’s blog or article thus ensuring active engagement. Using social commenting, which means allowing users to comment via their existing social media profiles, has different benefits than the regular comment box that is built-in to your CMS or other website platform.

Social Monitoring and Analytics: Every time a user visits your site, it fetches the user’s profile data. By making use of the various social media integration tools and resources listed above, you can make your website a social hub for user interaction and engagement, thus driving viral social traffic to your site.

Social media could be a great tool for business if used effectively and a great way to spread ones marketing messages to the world.

Remember that your website is where you have the most control over your brand presentation.

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