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5 Successful Blogging Strategies for Business (Part 2)

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Blogging

Each blog post is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your existing audience, prove your authority and gain trust in your niche and grow your audience.

If you do eventually sell something, or if there are affiliate opportunities within those posts, you are planting passive income seeds that could make you money, passively, for a very long time.

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Blogging

These tips, although they may seem small, could pack a huge punch.

1. Reply to at least 5 comments on your blogs – if people have taken the time to comment on your blog, it’s polite to reply to at least a few of them where possible. It makes them more likely to reply again in future, and stimulates conversation on your blog.

2. Comment on a couple of your commentators’ blogs – follow the links your commentators leave, and have a quick read of their blogs. Repay their comments by leaving a few of your own. You get to make them happy and leave a link to your site. Win/win I say!

3. Stumble or Socially Bookmark your commenters’ blogs – if you like what they write, give them a bit of a traffic boost by stumbling them – they might do the same for you.

4. Write the occasional blog post promoting another blog – not only is it an easy blog post to write, new content for your blog / site, but it helps your readers find new blogs (so they love you) and the owner of the blog you’ve recommended will love you forever more. (This may be a slight exaggeration).

5. Email a synopsis of recent posts at least once a month – I have to admit I’m a bit lax on this, but when I have done it regularly (to members of an opt in list of course) it has resulted in more traffic, more comments, and ultimately more inquiries.

Bonus Tip: Find 2 new blogs to comment on every day – it’s easy to stick with the blogs you know, but new blogs are cropping up all the time – take a few minutes to find them and leave a couple of comments. You get to read new things, leave your ‘brand’ in new places, and help out a blog that might need comments.

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