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5 Successful Blogging Strategies for Business

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Successful blogging strategies

As I look forward to celebrating 7 years in business…on July 23rd, I got thinking about the different business and marketing strategies that have helped me grow my business over the years. Coincidentally, I’m also working on coaching material for some private sessions that I’m holding this week and the next on one of these strategies, which is blogging.

People blog for many different reasons and this includes examples like showcasing ones expertise, to sell products and or services, on the personal end for healing and transformation. And there are a plethora of both professional and personal reasons for why people blog. For me blogging played several roles: In the early days, it helped with building my confidence as a newbie entrepreneur. Also showcasing my skills set and helping me connect with with many of my ideal clients. The one area that I’ve struggled with in blogging is in sharing personal stuff about myself. I have just shied away from it…I chuck it down to my British reserve:).

I definitely do know that blogging has played a huge role in supporting my business. I’ve had many instances when a new client had decided to work with me after reading my blog posts. Not to mention that blogging has continued to support my website’s ranking on the search engines and sending traffic my way. My blogging frequency has reduced over the years and I’m recommitting to blogging more from here on as I’ve also missed the apprehension and joy I experience when I write and publish a new post.

So, here are my 5 successful blogging strategies:

1. If you are not already blogging…START!

2. Blog consistently and your frequency will depend a lot on your ultimate goals.

3. In regards to topics and content, start with the end in mind. The questions you should ask yourself are “who do you want to connect with?” and “why do you want to connect with them?”.

4. Build a 3, 6, or 12 months blogging topics calendar, this helps with staying focused.

5. Research and figure out exactly what your ideal clients and customers are looking for. Find out what their pain points are and offer solutions, resources and everything else in between that would meet their needs.

And here is a bonus strategy – research, research, research! Study how others are blogging and what they are blogging about but do not plagiarize other peoples content…be respectful and give credit where it is due.

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