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Activating an Image

In our quest for providing you helpful techniques to maximize the internet to gain potential clients, we here at AI Virtual Solutions, are supplying you with the following tutorial for activating an image on your website.

Activating an Image

Okay, this gets a little fancy.  In a previous blog post, we showed you how to create a hypertext link. What it did was create blue words on your page so someone could click on them and then jump to another page or website. Well, here we’re going to set it up so an image becomes clickable or “active.” The viewer would click on the image, instead of on the hyperlinked words, to make the hypertext link. Here’s the format:

<A HREF=””><IMG SRC=”homepage.gif” ALT=”Home”></A>

Look at it again. See what happened? I placed an image tag where I would normally have placed words. However, in case the image isn’t visible for any reason I’ve added some alternate text stating where the link goes.

Here’s what you get with that format. Lay your pointer on the image, but don’t click. You’ll see the entire image is active:


There you will see a border around your image, which is what happens when you activate an image. It attempts to turn blue, or whatever color the page is set to, like the wording it’s replacing, so it places what’s known as a “border” around the image.

You’ll truly impress your friends with this one.


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