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Benefits of Article Submissions for SEO & More

I was asked recently about the benefits of article submissions, so I’d also like to share my thought on this valuable marketing activity with you, my readers.

Firstly, writing articles is one of the few ways to show that you are an expert in your field or market. So providing valuable information to your audience on a particular subject area or topic helps in developing a connection with  potential clients or customers by giving them a quick snapshot of what you do and how they can gain from it.

Submitting your articles is a gift that continues to give for a long time, and here are some of the reasons:

  • It increases traffic to a website, giving a lot more people the opportunity to find you, your services, products, etc.
  • It sends one way traffic back to your website from other valued ranked sites (if your articles are submitted to the highly ranked sites).
  • This does not involve link exchange with other websites that do not complement your business, vision or goals.
  • Your article could be re-posted on other blogs and websites by people who found them to be of value.
  • Your article could be tweeted about and re-tweeted many times over, and fed through all the many viral marketing avenues.

Also, here are a few tips on article writing: Be specific about your subject area, kept your article short and informative, proof read for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and give a straight-forward title that is attention grabbing.

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