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Blog Commenting Etiquette

I’ve wanted to write about blog commenting for a while, as its become one of my pet peeves. Blog commenting is a great SEO activity for developing relationships with other businesses and potential clients. But it seems like many people aren’t working it in the right manner.

It’s quite sad when a business owner pays their hard earned money to an SEO company for link building campaigns. And what these so called SEO experts do is make ridiculous and generic comments at the most inappropriate places; which by the way never get approved or published. I’ve reached the point where I close comments on new posts after a short while because I get the silliest comments.

Here are examples of comments I’ve gotten in the last 2 days:

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  • Hi there may I use some of the information here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?

Links and Relationship Building should be a labor of love and be done with the utmost integrity. Blog owners see through these automated and generic SEO activities…we will not be fooled!

To Readers: Do share with us some of the ridiculous comments that you’ve been getting on your blogs.

To Business Owners: Are you thinking about Search Engine Optimization for your websites? Are you looking to have quality ranked relevant websites linked to and from your websites? Let us work with you to strategically develop an SEO campaign that would effective promote and grow your business.  Contact us to get you on the link building path to success.

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