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Business Marketing Checkup

SWOT Analysis Table With Main Questions

SWOT Analysis table with main questionsConducting routine checkups on your business in the areas of marketing, operations, and finances can go a long way in keeping your business in line of your goals.

The reason for a marketing checkup is to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your business. It is good practice to conduct two annual assessments in your business to ensure your company is not on the wrong path and miss a whole year of opportunities wasted. I also recommend that your goals are reviewed quarterly so that a company is on track to accomplishing their goals.

Here are afew quick and effective tools to try to create a well thought out plan for decision making in your business:

Strengths – Give your business an advantage in the given situation you are evaluating.  These may range from your product/service, employees, market position or any other items that give you an advantage over others.

Weaknesses – Similar to your strengths, but will be a listing of your limitations. Things that place you at a disadvantage in relation to others.

Opportunities – External factors that can come into play that will give your business an advantage.

Threats – External elements that could potentially adversely affect your business and that could be disadvantageous to you.

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