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Content Really Is King!

You have a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles. You have promoted your business to the best of your ability. You’ve spent both time and money but can’t see any return or you are not getting the kind of results you want: the people connecting with you are not your ideal clients or customers.

Have you really looked at your content? Have you really really read through your website with a fresh pair of eyes? It would be worth your while to ask for a second opinion.

Your website might just be what is holding you hostage.

Here is my litmus test for you. If you answered Yes to 2 or more of the questions below, you need to connect with a professional copy writer to write fresh, targeted website copy for you.

  1. Are you a professional website content writer?
  2. Did you write your website copy yourself?
  3. Are you afraid that hiring a copywriter would be more than you can afford?
  4. You are not getting the right kinds of projects from online prospects?
  5. You are afraid to ask someone to review your website content?
  6. You spend too much time during your consultation explaining exactly what you do?

Here are some things to look out for when searching for a website copy writer:

Look for someone who writes using clear, easy-to-understand language while also incorporating keyword phrases that satisfy search engines without turning off readers. A copy writer that has excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills, research skills, someone who understands your business and its goals also an understanding of your customers and what their needs are.

Also important, your copy writer should be skilled at writing from the point of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

Remember, there is no point to having a beautiful website that does not work towards meeting your vision and business goals.

Beautiful + Functional + Interactive + Informative website= SUCCESS!

Are you ready to get a result oriented website? Contact our full service web design firm to review your website copy and design if you are ready to do something different, something that works. Doing or having the same thing always gets one the same results…nothing more.

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