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Do I Need A Business Website? YES, You DO!

People are asking if it’s necessary to have a business website today. Since we already have Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and all the other gazillion social media platforms out there. Also, at least once a week, I get the “Someone advised me to have a Squeeze/Sales page instead of a full blown website” question. My answer to both questions are usually a resounding YES! Then I give my reasons…and you’ll find many of them here on my blog.

I just read a blog on and there were very valid comments that people had made on the post “Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter“:

@VolcanoHost said “Don’t forget that many corporate IT departments block facebook and other “time wasters” to keep employees on task. If you want to reach other businesses, you need a website.”

Agnes comments: I never thought of this POV, so true!

@Domainate said “Businesses are built upon websites. Social might help bring customers in, but they should ultimately be fed into the website. Even a company like Zynga, who has massive success thanks to Facebook, understands the benefits of having website homes for their games.”

Jessica Osman said “The web site is the flagship of any company’s online strategy. I just don’t understand those who believe it is no longer important. As a web copy writer and editor I have noticed that demand for great web sites (and excellent content) is increasing, not waning. Thanks for this article.”

@ExcelAssist said “Your last paragraph sums it all up—”…you lead first with your website.” Well said. It is, for the lack of a better term, your storefront.”

yasmike said “Our website does all of these things for us, and it has helped us grow our business.Our brand recognition is growing, we have an excellent platform for delivering content, our site can be found in search engines for many key industry terms, and our analytics show us how to improve our site and marketing efforts. I always tell my clients that their website needs to be the hub of their marketing strategies and this article will help me prove my point.”

@refreshKTG said “Website are so important they give a company in the middle of no where a chance to compete and beat out companies in NYC, or Silicon Valley.

They are the great equalizer.”

It’s so important as business owners to make the most of every available marketing arsenal but we have to decide for ourselves which marketing tool and strategies to focus on and also when.

Need A Strategic & Professional Designed Online Business Presence ?: AI Virtual Solutions works with clients to determine what strategies to implement and how to do this. We are a full service web marketing firm and we use a combination of web design, application development, internet  & social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization to get our clients in front of their target market and we’ve successful done this for over four years.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a therapist, coach, speaker and author. We’ll work with you to get you on the right track in your business.

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