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Has Technology Changed Marketing Planning?

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138017899678266.OKFDpP9WrRRSXhPr8vo0_height640One of the biggest challenges for any business is how to create an effective marketing plan.

Marketing tactics are constantly changing but fundamentals still apply as much as ever. Marketing still needs a defined target market to reach the right people with the right message. Marketing is still getting people to know, like, and trust your business.


Here are some key strategies to focus on and include in your marketing plan:

  1. Continuity

Continuity is critical to serving up a winning marketing plan.  Make sure it is unified and the entire team is on the same page before putting it out there.

  1. Social media

Social media offers your company a number of advantages and requires little to no financial investment. It can promote your brand to countless individuals and allows you to network with other companies.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of your best weapons when it comes to marketing your brand. You should be blogging about your brand on a regular basis in addition to looking for guest blogging opportunities on other worthwhile sites. Guest blogging allows you to incorporate links into posts, bringing traffic back to your website.

  1. Budgets

In order to budget your marketing plan, you have to manage the money. A good marketing plan needs to include budgets for expenses, and the sales that result from the different activities.


Is marketing overwhelming you?  We are ready to grow your business to the next level using strategic power and great reach of marketing planning designed to connect directly to your ideal clients, maximizing engagement, increasing sales resulting in more and consistent profit. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 410-696-7573 or completing our contact form.


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