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How Often Should A Website Be Redesigned?

I get asked very often how frequently should a company get their website redesigned and I usually say between a year and a half to two years. Having said that, it’s important to revisit a website every time there is a change in the company’s industry, business and marketing plan.

Internet technology changes very quickly and you cannot afford for your website to be out-dated as this reflects on your company. Websites should be reevaluated every three months for content tweaks, images replacements, and links corrections. You can’t leave a website alone for a long periods of time as your website creates an impression of your business- positive or negative.

You should re-examine your website more often than not. If it’s been a year since your website had any changes, it is way past due for a revision.

Finally a website redesign should not not be about tweaking what you already have. It’s involves the same process as an initial design, aligning the website design with your business and marketing strategies plus the latest technologies. Websites should be constantly optimized for the search engines and social networking. All websites at any point in time, should be easy to navigate, be functional and contain web copy that would attract your ideal clients and customers.

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