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HTML E-Mail Hypertext Link

In our quest for providing you helpful techniques to maximize the internet to gain potential clients, we here at AI Virtual Solutions, are supplying you with the following tutorial for creating a simply e-mail hypertext link.

E-Mail Links From Your Page

This is what’s known as a mailto: command. It follows the same coding scheme as a hypertext link format. What this format does is place blue wording on the screen that people can click to send you an e-mail.

Here’s the format:

<A HREF=””>Click Here To Email Me</A>

You will notice it is the same format as a hypertext link except in the email link you write “mailto:” in place of the http:// and your e-mail address in place of the page address. Yes, you still need the </A> tag at the end. Please notice there is NO SPACE between the colon and the e-mail address.

Here’s what you get using the “mailto:” command above:

Click Here To Email AI Virtual Solutions

When you click on blue link above you will get an e-mail dialogue box addressed to AI Virtual Solutions. The same format will work for you; however, you will want to place your e-mail address in place of AI Virtual Solutions following the format above.

Please Make Note:   If the person only has a web based email account, and hasn’t configured an email program on their computer (e.g. if you use Hotmail or Gmail instead of Microsoft Outlook) then it will open their email program (such as Microsoft Outlook) for the first time and try to walk them through setting it up.


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