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Is your Message Short, Simple and Clear?

A few nights ago, I saw the Pfizer “Life Without Cigarettes” commercial for people who want to quit smoking and I can’t stop thinking about the technique used in creating the ad. The message was so simple, really direct and I immediately decided that I was going to quit smoking! The funny thing is that I DON’T SMOKE! I was so amazed at how powerful the message was, especially when I wasn’t even a target audience.

In web design, there is the tendency to sometimes get carried away by all the many fancy techniques and shiny things syndrome. So, I’ve been pondering on my style and how to tweak it so my clients can get their message across concisely and really quickly thus capturing their audience, get great conversions and repeat business.

My first test came today, I had to create a business card size ad for my business that’s going to be placed in the Women Biz Owner’s October 2009 Convention booklet. So I thought…simple, clear and direct. What do you think? Is the design simple and is the message clear?


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