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Keys to Effective Client Attraction


MarketingSmall business owners struggle so much with getting clients but there are various focused and strategic activities that have to take place or the struggle to get ideal clients will be ongoing. Marketing is the backbone of every business and when this isn’t done or carried out consistently, business owners will continue to experience seasons of feast and famine. Getting to the place where one can constantly have a pipeline full of ideal clients involves doing research both within and outside ones business, identifying certain traits and characteristic and finally taking action.

The keys to effective client attraction when combined efficiently and actively would yearn returns. Which is why the first component involves embracing a marketing mindset. The truth is that, no matter the kind of business you find yourself in…without marketing, you won’t see the results that you believe are possible for you.

The keys to effective client attraction include:

1. Committing to marketing: This is where service providers struggle the most. It’s so easy to spend all ones time working on clients requests and generally being busy with other “important” things. The goal is to do more business generating activities in your business and this would result in your keeping your funnel full.

2. Identifying your ideal clients: The goal with this is to find the people that absolutely need your products and or service and these people also have to both support your business in growth and equally make it possible to bring your vision and goals for both yourself and your business(es) to fruition. Step back and have a look at the clients that you are currently working with. Are you happy working with them? Are you positively challenged working with them? Are you still passionate about what you do and how you do it? Are your clients achieving their goals by working with you? Is there the right balance between give and take in these relationships and financially, do these clients afford you business growth? or Are you struggling financially by working with these clients?

3. Knowing the challenges that your target clients face: It’s important to figure out exactly the pain that your target market is experiencing. Then working out the solutions that would effectively help them solve these problems and then clearly and confidently communicating your solution to them. The most effective way to do this coming from speaking from the place of results and not “I can do this or I can do that”. So “This is the results or outcome that you get from working with me”

4. Defining your “added-value”: Your “added-value” refers to your Unique Selling Proposition. This is separates you in your industry, market or niche. And this also help the people that approach you, not to do so from the pricing point of view. For example, there are many business coaches, marketing coaches, wellness coaches, career coaches, relationship coaches, etc but the coaches that have the most suited client-base are those that offer a higher value than just being competitive price-wise. To a large extent you will determine your value by how much value you place in your business. If you look at yourself as any other therapist out there then you would be perceived as such.

5. Creating a Marketing Plan of Action: This is the “something”, an action, that you put into motion and the goal with this is to reach your target market and engage them. The intention with having a concise marketing plan of action is to create a “cause” and “effect” environment. With a Marketing Plan of Action, you outline the marketing activities that you would engage in, as well as a timeline for this actions and your goal or end result that you want to achieve.

6. Leveraging your business: Leverage is define in the dictionary as “power or ability to act or to influence people, events and decisions” To leverage is to create an opportunity for yourself and for those that need your products and or services by providing services and or products that not only meets their needs but also exceed it. You have to be known as a person with superior knowledge and experience in your industry, a person with clout and pull. You have to know your stuff…inside out! The proof is always in the pudding…your goal is for your business to speak for itself. At this point, you don’t want to force, convince, blackmail, guilt-trip people to buy from you…you should never ever force yourself or business on people…never come from the place of desperation!

Connect with people that can help you get to that next level. Getting a coach, a mentor is advisable when you are ready to up level yourself. Become known as a leader in your industry!

7. Creating Systems: This starts by identifying what you have to offer and do things. An important step is to narrow down your services and products and final create packages around them. For example, when I was starting out, my services list included: administrative, bookkeeping, real estate administrative, research, web design and programming services. At that point, it seemed logical to try to capture every small business owner out there. It took me a whole year to figure out that people got really confused when they visited my website…they didn’t feel I was “specialized” in the area that they needed help.

Creating a unique services and products point of view works…then you create systems for everything. From the point from someone contacts you till the sale and even beyond a sale. And this is something that you have to continue to work on as trends, needs and other elements change with time.

8. Having the right mindset: You have to listen to and understand what your inner voice is saying. Are we operating from the place of fear, lack, overwhelm, doubt, etc. We have to pay attention because “we can only go as far as our fear takes us, or operate at the point of lack plus overwhelm plus doubt finds us and this can be extremely limiting.

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