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My business coach keeps telling me to get my website up, but I don’t know where to start…

Stand Out

And rightfully so on both counts! As a coach or therapist, you have the big vision of helping a lot of people and tons of ideas to get there. You know that the internet is a good place to get your message out there in a big way, but you are not a designer, writer or web technician (and you don’t want to be!) Maybe you have tried to get your website up, but aren’t happy with the results because it just doesn’t reflect the real deal you.

Get VisibilityYou want to get e-visible and to stand out online…

…someone to present you and your business in a way that is unique and as special as you and your services. Most of all, you’ve got to do it using a minimum of your time — time that is better spent developing and growing your business and working with your clients. In other words, doing rewarding, valuable, and yes, income-producing activities.

The answer to this challenge is to find the right experts who can provide you with an online presence that truly reflects who you are and what you stand for, so you can attract the clients you want to serve and who really need your services. Your checklist needs to also include finding a one stop service so that you don’t have to coordinate all the work of your online presence: your website, blog, free offers, e-zines, newsletters, and all the myriad of marketing materials necessary for maximum e-visibility.

How can you find the right e-visibility experts?

Finding the right experts isn’t always easy, so you’ve got to be sure to ask the right questions, which is tough to do if you don’t know what the right questions are. Here are a few to help you get started:

• What can you do to maximize my e-visibility? The right experts for you will be able to list a multitude of ideas and directions to take to get you effectively online.

• Do you have any experience with online marketing for coaches and therapists? You are looking for a team that has technicians (who are rarely good designers), designers (who frequently not good technicians) and writers who know how to write in your voice so your site sounds like you and not someone else. You also want a team that knows the ins and outs and special requirements of authentic internet marketing for coaches and therapists

• How many people do I have to work with on your team? Avoid hiring separate technician, designer, branding specialist and writers – coordinating this effort becomes overwhelming and often the separate services don’t play well together. You are looking for a one stop service where you are working with a project manager who is your main contact AND who keeps you updated.

• How do I know my presence will represent my brand and me authentically? It’s going to take a special team to provide online presence that is authentic to you – a team that understands where you are coming from, your business goals, and your style. You’ll want someone who has those capabilities.

Article Resource: By Debra Gilroy of Standout…The Freedom to be Yourself and Build a Wildly Profitable Business Online.

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