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Smart Marketing

As a small business owner, I’m constantly looking for ways to help my business grow and this involves a lot of marketing. Its so easy to get preoccupied with all the many other activities to get you up and running and basically shy away from marketing. But an important point to note, is that marketing plays a huge role in developing a financially successful business. You have to motivate and encourage yourself to step up to the plate and market since its the only way to sell a product or a service- there is absolutely no way to get around this, so its got to be done!

You have to ask yourself a number of critical questions:

Who is my target market?

Once you are able to identify who you want to sell to, its then easier to find out what their needs are and how to competitively meet those needs.

What marketing methods should you use?

Being in the non-traditional profession of Virtual Assistance has encouraged me to think outside the box and stretch myself a little bit. Understanding that in a world that is ever changing, ones marketing strategy also has to be flexible. Here are some of the marketing methods that are tried and tested. Your industry would largely determine which methods would be most appropriate and effective and also note that some can be less expensive than others in terms of cost and time.

* Having a fully functional and up-to-date website
* Placing ads in publications, radio or TV
* Posting online ads in bulletin boards and industry directories
* Joining and participating in industry specific forums
* Doing email campaigns
* Mailing out marketing material
* Writing articles and submitting to article directories
* Calling and introducing yourself to your target market
* Telling everyone what you do
* Asking for referrals and referring others
* Following up on inquiries and other activities

Its important to use the methods that you feel the most comfortable with. There is no point in taking on an activity that you don’t believe in, you would not be able to pick your audience’s interest or get them excited about what you have to offer.

With all the many hats we have to wear, we have to decide what are our most critical tasks and perform them to effectively grow our businesses. You can delegate tasks to your virtual assistant, even marketing tasks so you can focus on the “must dos.”

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