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Social Media Trends in 2016?

Content Marketing Strategy Illustration

Content Marketing Strategy IllustrationSocial media is an integral part of any small business’ and has become known a marketing tool to converse with current and potential customers in a personal way.

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way.

Using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can help a business engage in “brand building” to get people talking about your business and creating a brand that people can identify with.

Many organizations will use more than one social media platform, which can help connect with different demographics. Here are a few social networking platforms currently trending:

Instagram has now added a new feature that will help users get personalized video recommendations every time they open the Explore tab.

Facebook still remains the most popular and just released 2 big updates and 3 more features currently in testing on how you can leverage these changes for your marketing strategy!

Snapchat is a newer social media app, with a fun younger demographic, however, many companies are starting to become active on it to interact with customers.

Twitter in the coming months will make changes to simplify Tweets including what counts toward your 140 characters.

Pinterest allows small businesses to showcase their own product offerings while also developing their own brand’s personality with some unique pin boards.

The real value is getting other people talking about your business. Build an affinity with them and get them to be your advocate.”

When it comes to promoting content, social media is one of the most powerful tools available; however, most content marketers fail to truly maximize its potential. We are ready to grow your company to the next level using customized strategic approach designed to connect directly to your ideal customers, maximizing engagement, increasing sales resulting in significant and consistent profit. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 410-696-7573 or completing our contact form.



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