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The No Excuse Approach: Marketing!

Marketing StratehiesA little over a week ago, I attended Fabienne Fredrickson’s half day Client Attraction Marketing & Mindset workshop in Baltimore, Maryland and I saw a common thread across board for many of us that were there. We were all looking to discover the secret ingredient that would help us take our businesses to the next level.

Then Fabienne finally said, possibly what we didn’t want to hear: “Marketing“! I wanted to bury my head in shame because she wasn’t revealing a spanking new revolutionary concept…it was simply Marketing but the kicker for me was the word that I have conveniently forgotten to apply in my business for the last two plus years…CONSISTENCY. I would confidently tell clients that marketing and marketing consistently was the key to growth. But yours truly, has not been practicing what she has been preaching.

Do I believe that marketing works? Of course, I DO! I’m still reaping the benefits of all the marketing activities that I diligently carried out in the early years of my business, between 2007 and 2009. So I know it works and it continues to work for the clients that we manage their marketing strategies and activities. Where would my business be today if I had decided to not ignore my own advise? I can only wonder. So I’m taking Fabienne’s advise to use the “No Excuse” Approach to Marketing which is why I challenged myself in the last 45 minutes to write a blog post that my OBM had practically begged me to do for the last three weeks.

Here it is, I’m marketing and I’ve decided commit to doing this consistently. I remember CJ Hayden saying in her Get Clients Now book, every activity that you do takes you closer to the people that need your expertise. So why not just do it?!

Fellow business owners, lets be very honest about this…it doesn’t matter which new marketing strategy you discover. If we don’t work the strategies that we already have in our toolkit, I can confidently say that we’ll possibly get the same results as previous years.

Having said all these, Are you a coach, therapist or internet marketer and you are just stumped on the next step to take in marketing your business? You have tried it all, you have purchased every blueprint, system and program out there but you still find yourself at a standstill. You desperately want to start afresh, you no longer want the band aid marketing approach in your business. It’s simple…connect with me and we’ll review your marketing plan and strategies and also design a customized done-for-you service package that would get your marketing engine into motion.

Also don’t hesitate to download my free gift to you, a blueprint/guide¬†Is Your Website Holding You Back? 7 Easy Ways to Attract and Retain Customers on Your Website. This guide is jam packed with valuable information that you can use immediately to enhance your website and business.

PS: I completed this post in 1 hour 4 mins:).

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