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What is your BRAND saying?

We constantly talk about First Impressions but we have to ask ourselves, what the first impression is that potential clients are perceiving from us? As this applies in every facet of life including our businesses. For many of us, our first contact with potential clients are via our websites, so what is your coaching or therapists website telling them about you?

Have you recently (as we are starting the New Year with renewed focus), taken a step back and had a good look and think about why some potential clients have clicked away so quickly? Why some have stayed a little longer but didn’t fill out your contact form, email or call you?

What is your BRAND saying to them?

How does your website look and feel? Is it distinct? Does it look exactly like every other coaching or therapist website out there? Does it stand out from the crowd or not? It is welcoming and also attention grabbing?  Does it strategically and effortlessly show the potential client that you know who they are? Are you connecting emotionally and mentally with potential clients?

What is your message? Is it speaking to that exact pain that your potential clients are feeling? Or is it trying to speak to many different groups and many different problems? Is your message focused on resolution and the next step? is it confident and encouraging? It is optimistic and full of the appropriate energy?

What makes you different from every other coach or therapist? What is that extra “something” that you know and have experienced that would bring “added value” to potential clients?

Have you given a voice to past and current clients, who you’ve helped move from pain to joy? It’s so much easier for someone to listen to another person who has walked the path that they are on.

Potential clients are looking for every reason to choose your practice, programs and more! You have the responsibility to help them identify you easier. There are two things that you need your potential clients to know, they have come to the right place and you will help them as you understand their pain and you have the experience and expertise to get them to where they need to be.

Don’t cheat yourself out of not fully realizing your vision and goals. Now is the time to focus on the elements that work, having a well thought out and executed brand makes all the difference. Haven’t you had enough of just growing at a slow rate?  The keys to creating a successful brand is to identify your strengths and speak to the needs of the many potential clients that want to partner with you to get them on the road to healing and success. But this has to be done in a manner that works and is authentic.

Connect with us if you need branding help and what we would do for you is: identify your invaluable strengths, show you how to leverage these and get you to where you start to consistently grow your clients base. And don’t hesitate to schedule a Branding and Marketing Discovery Session for your business.

Also download my free gift to you, a blueprint/guide Is Your Website Holding You Back? 7 Easy Ways to Attract and Retain Customers on Your Website. This guide is jam packed with valuable information that you can use immediately to enhance your website and business.




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