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Why Every Business Needs A Website

The first thing people do when seeking information about people, businesses, products and/or services is do an online search. This is where the process of elimination begins for your potential customer or client. Firstly, businesses without websites get disqualified, then those with out-of-date websites, next those with websites that are difficult to read and navigate and it goes on from there. Here are reasons why your business needs a website and remember it’s not just having an online presence but having one that speaks to your target audience and helps your connect with them.

Here are some important elements to having a website:

  • Your website is your storefront and should be attractive and easy to use
  • Your website is your presence online 24/7
  • Your website provides a convenient way to keep in touch with existing customers and keep them informed of developments in your business
  • A website maximizes your marketing investment
  • The exposure of your company with a website is far greater than traditional forms of advertising
  • A website can give a small business, a well deserved presence in the marketplace

Creativity and Connectivity comes into play:

  • Your website allows you to be creative with how you present your information/products/services
  • When a potential customer hears about you, they turn to the web to locate your contact information & to learn more about what you do and a direct point of contact to you.
  • If your site is e-commerce enabled, your products are ready & waiting to be sold

Allowing Expansion/Growth:

  • Your website opens the door to a wider market of potential customers
  • Even if your product or services are generally sold or performed locally, there is still potential for expansion

You become a Competitor:

  • Your website is your shop window & you are on equal footing to compete with much larger companies
  • Your site is a means of providing information to those who do online research before buying
  • Your website is a powerful tool for sustainable development of sales opportunities
  • Your website will offer your company the opportunity for thousands of potential customers
  • Simply put, to be competitive in your market you have to have a website

We are interested in knowing how having a website has made a difference in your business or how investing more in your website has made a difference. I can confidently say that having a website has made a significant difference in my business.

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  1. I agree with all the points covered in this article. A website is vital to any business in today’s market. Consumers today are very selective and your website needs to address the ways in which your business can serve their needs. My counseling business continues to grow and 99% of my clients have found me through an internet search. Thanks for helping me build an attractive and interactive website. Congratulations on your business anniversary!

  2. Hi Lory,

    Thanks for your comments:). My starting point with my business was also my website and in the first year, 100% of business also came from internet searches.

    It was such a pleasure working on your project. Wishing you continued success.


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