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Cool WordPress Plugin: WP Featured Post with Thumbnail

I’m always researching WordPress plugins and sometimes I forget about a cool plugin that I’d discover but didn’t have an immediate need for. So I’m going to start documenting and share them with you. My recent find is the WP Featured Post with Thumbnail.

A really simple way of putting featured posts on your website.

This plugin let’s you add – to any spot on your blog’s sidebar – a section dedicated to the articles you’d like to highlight. How it works is very simple: once it’s installed and activated you can decide which articles to add to the highlights section, how many to display, the display order mode and the size of the image retrieved (it takes the first image in the article and automatically resizes it using the “timthumb.php” script).

Some Features:

  • Specify a title to be shown on the sidebar.
  • Choose the number of articles to display in this section.
  • Choose the way in which the articles will be ordered.
  • Define the dimensions of the image that will be created.

Author: GdnGroups

Download: Click on the link to download


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