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You are confused…


In the last couple of years, I’d committed to venturing out and meeting other business owners as I realized that one can’t operate or thrive in a business in isolation and this has made a huge difference for me.

Firstly, I continue to build valuable personal and business relationship and I’m so encouraged by seeing many women and a few brave men in my network do great in their businesses. Then secondly, I see the people who are struggling and many times I can pinpoint some of the reasons why.

These are usually the underlying challenges that they are experiencing:

Not connecting with their tribe
Having trouble raising their prices
Not showcasing their solutions
Not making informed money decisions

A huge part in having these none fulfilling experiences has to do both internal and external challenges. The internal struggles encompasses having a mindset that doesn’t foster growth and this is strengthened by negative past experiences that continues to keep one in that place of hopelessness. Then there are the external challenges that surrounds what a person projects outwardly.

For many of us, our websites are the first point of engagement. And if people have a slight inkling that you might not be where they want to go…they would move on to another business owner who represents what they desire and ultimately their goal.

You know the value, freedom and transformation that you can bring for people but they just can’t see it because your house is not in order. Your website is generic, your message is unclear and your expertise plus solutions are not presented effectively and finally all of your online systems are disjointed. Potential clients just can’t make sense of who you are and how you can help them.

It’s extremely important to work on resolving ones internal challenges but not also working on rectifying the external challenges as well sets limits on the results that we as business owners and our clients deserve.

Many experts have shared tips and tricks and you have tried them all. But you are now feeling confused, defeated, exhausted from worry and just about to throw in the towel. STOP! You should no longer invest your precious time and money in learning the latest gimmicks or fads. You just need to focus on what you do best, showcase it effectively and connect with your tribe.

To leap from confusion to purpose and fulfillment, you should be ready to step back and possibly take a left turn. Get back to the reason why you chose this path and the difference you can make in many lives.

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